Tilmar carries different products useful in preserving and maintaining the look of your tile installation.

In an ideal setting, tiles would be installed, and without worry, would continue to look as beautiful and and as clean as the first day you walked on your new floor – you know and we know as well that this is not the case.

Tilmar can help!  Tilmar staff can propose excellent grout and tile sealers to increase the longevity of your tile installation.  From FILA® to PROMA™, Tilmar is ready to supply you with the right, eco-friendly product, safe for your family environment, and tough enough to exceed commercial wear and tear.  When dirt accumulated on the surface of your tile and grout becomes an issue, Tilmar is your partner in supplying you with the right strength cleaner or neutral cleaner to assist in maintaining your floor for years to come.  Tilmar believes that a good tile installation, with the right maintenance program, will give you peace of mind.