Tilmar carries TILFLOR™ vinyl lattes and tiles of all sizes for use in commercial and residential installations.

TILFLOR™works well with our Canadian market because it allows architects, promoters, builders, contractors, designers, restaurateurs, and the home owner alike, the opportunity to customize and create unique vinyl prints to meet requirements on the job site.

From the drawing board, to delivery on-site, TILFLOR™ will work with the client from concept to sampling, to actualization within a time frame that meets the client’s needs.


On the drawing table, the client can determine the print, finish, press, dimension, cut, and the grade required for their project:

Print – the image and color fused to the vinyl sheet (wood grain, marble imitation, concrete look, etc.)

Finish – available finishes are matt, semi-gloss, and gloss

Press – the texture molded into the vinyl sheet (hardwood grain, knotted wood grain, simili marble, concrete, smooth, and grooved)

Dimension – the size that the material will be produced in from lattes to tiles (6”x36”, 8”x48”, 12”x24”, and many more)

Cut – the edge finish the material will have (beveled, straight, rounded)

Grade – the thickness of the wear layer and under layers for use in commercial or residential applications. (By default, TILFLOR™ produces commercial grade vinyl to supply the North-American market.