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Terms and Conditions of Sales

1. The responsibility TILMAR INTERNATIONALE INC. (the “Company”) ceases after receipt of merchandise by the carrier. All products are fully inspected and packed before delivery to the carrier, and breakage, damage, loss in transit, and delays in delivery are beyond our control and any claims resulting therefrom must be made to the carrier by the Customer.

2. Orders are accepted and delivery promises and quotations given conditionally upon the Company being able to secure the products. The Company is not responsible for delays arising through risks and uncertainties of manufacture, strikes or accidents or rules and regulations of Canada or any agency thereof, or any province, municipal or other lawful authority, or other causes beyond the Company’s control; and the Company shall not be liable for damages for failure to make partial or complete shipments or for any delay in making shipments.

3. The Customer may not cancel an order without the Company’s consent.

4. Some variation of shade is inherent in all burned clay products, and no claims concerning variation in shade will be considered or allowed after tile is installed. If, for any reason, our products are regarded as unsatisfactory, the Company must be notified before installation, and consequently the Company will not make any allowances for labor costs for replacing material, or for other charges. Methods of installation are beyond the Company’s control, and the Company does not accept responsibility for shipping, cracking, crazing, spalling, etching, discoloration or loosening from the setting bed.

5.A. If you believe or you suspect that a product purchased from us is defective,
do not install it. From the moment the product is installed, cut, or modified, the company will not assume any responsibility for the product regardless of reason. To be more precise, we will not pay any costs for labor or for repairing or replacing the said goods.

5.B. No tile is guaranteed against crazing.

6. An order placed by the Customer and accepted by the Company is subject to the payment by the Customer of any tax now in effect or hereinafter enacted by federal, provincial, county, municipal or other lawful authority, requiring collection or payment of such tax with respect to the manufacture, processing, sale, delivery and/or use of the products sold by the Company whether levied against the Company or its suppliers or its supplying manufacturers or against the Customer.

7. In the event any moneys owed by the Customer to the Company are referred to an attorney for collection there shall be added to the amount owed the Company a reasonable attorney’s fee which the Customer acknowledges to be a sum equal to fifteen (15%) percent of the amount owed.
8. Except as set forth in these terms and conditions the Company has made no representations or warranties with respect to its products or otherwise

9. Returns of merchandise will only be accepted when authorized by us, anda handling charge will be made.

10. Prices subject to change without notice.